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Welcome to our new website. We offer Clinical Neurology and Psychiatry for Psychiatrists (CNPP), for psychiatrists preparing for their Board examination after their residency, and Maintenance of Certification (MOC), for psychiatrists preparing for their Recertification examination after ten years of certification or recertification. In addition, we have just added a one day course, Maintenance of Certification Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, following our MOC course, for psychiatrists preparing for recertification in child and adolescent psychiatry.

We pride ourselves on the courses’ content, practicality and experience of our faculty, our real-time interactive audience response system, and our multiple original audiovisual vignettes. We offer attendees up-to-date, practical information and meaningful coaching. Our courses are high-yield.

The Neurology section of CNPP provides a rich clinical experience in conditions psychiatrists are likely to encounter, , in their practice or on their exams. This section includes classic but rarely seen disorders, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, Huntington disease, and dementia with Lewy body disease.

The Psychiatry section of CNPP offers comprehensive, up-to-date reviews of a wide range of DSM 5 disorders, in the context of examination preparation and coaching. It also includes discussions of topics generally unfamiliar to attendees, including statistics, forensics and ethics, addiction, the CYP450 system, sleep disorders, and child and adolescent psychiatry. Rather than simply providing information in didactic formats, this section uses examination-type short-answer questions and the audience response system to review essential material. In addition, we have updated the course to include video-vignettes quizzes of psychiatric disorders. These quizzes provide an opportunity to prepare for a similar experience on a Board examination.

The Maintenance of Certification course presents a comprehensive review of psychiatry, stressing developments that have occurred in the previous decade ­­— since applicants have last taken their Board examination. Attendees may supplement this course with our new, one-day review, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Review.  The Maintenance of Certification course and its optional supplement provide useful information for the practice of psychiatry as well as for exam preparation.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please contact Ms. Stacy Atkinson at 718-920-6674,
or e-mail her at statkins@montefiore.org if you have additional questions.


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David M. Kaufman, MD                                                  Andrea J. Weiss, MD


“I am actually excited to study for my boards now”
“Dr. Kaufman is an excellent neurologist and speaker. He cleared the chaos in my brain!”
“I would recommend this course to everyone.”
“High Yield – Two thumbs up”
“Dr. Sparr was excellent- took an intimidating subject and made it understandable.”
“ I passed part I with flying colors. It was no surprise that I did so well on the Neurology (90%). I think everyone should take Dr. Kaufman’s course.”
“Top Flight – Great Instructors”
“Dr. Weiss is a great speaker and teacher. She is enthusiastic and clearly puts a lot into her presentations”
“I am more thoughtful and more strategic in my patient assessments.”